UN Women National Committee Germany e.V.

I have advised UN Women Germany on its campaign against violence against women and for a change in the German law on sexualised violence, the "No Means No" campaign. It was launched on International Women's Day (8th March) 2016.

On the 7th July 2016 WE WON.


My campaign StopBildSexism and its logo 'sexism is not an opinion'.

My campaign StopBildSexism and its logo 'sexism is not an opinion'.

In October 2014, I founded the women's rights campaign 'StopBildSexism'. The campaign advocates for gender equality and against sexism and the objectification of women in Europe's most widely read newspaper 'Bild'. Research has long shown that media sexism is one factor that contributes to everyday sexism and violence against women. 

I am currently leading a team of 17 volunteers and we have collected more than 58,000 signatures on the related petition. More than 100 official supporters including UN Women National Committee Germany e.V., the Director of Amnesty International Germany, members of the European Parliament, and celebrities are fighting with us. The campaign has received wide national (e.g. Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung) and international (e.g. The Guardian) news coverage. I have recently co-founded the NGO 'GEM - Gender Equality Media e.V.' with two fellow activists to facilitate fundraising and to give us the opportunity to expand our focus.



'Against sexualised violence and racism. Anytime. Anywhere. #Noexcuses"

'Against sexualised violence and racism. Anytime. Anywhere. #Noexcuses"

I am one of 22 activists who published the joint statement 'Against sexualised violence and racism. Always. Anywhere' in the aftermath of the attacks in Cologne on New Year's Eve. Our declaration against sexualised violence and racism was widely covered in German and international news, and it is supported by several ministers of the German government and other change and policy makers.

An excerpt of our declaration:

"On the night of New Year’s Eve, numerous women were sexually attacked in public spaces in Cologne and other German cities. These crimes demand thorough and comprehensive investigations. The prevailing impunity regarding crimes of sexualised violence must end.

We demand that the survivors receive the best possible care and support. We are in solidarity with those who have experienced sexualised violence and harassment. We further demand that the sustained fight against sexualised violence of any kind is of highest priority. It is harmful for all of us if feminism is exploited by extremists to incite against certain ethnicities, as is currently being done in the discussion surrounding the incidents in Cologne.

It is wrong to highlight sexualised violence only when the perpetrators are allegedly the perceived ‘others’: Muslim, Arab, black or North-African men, i.e., those who are regarded as ‘non-Germans’ by extremists. Furthermore, sexualised violence must not only be taken seriously if white cis women are the alleged victims.

Find all of our 14 demands and more information here: ausnahmslos.org